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NOAA Weather Radar

They started putting these up around 2008, I think. I believe they're part of the NOAA NEXRAD radar system, which would mean they're C-band (5-6 GHz) dual polarization weather radars. I think I rememeber reading a press release stating that these are actually just backups. The dishes themselves are about 20 meters in diameter, and are completely motorized; they can be pointed in any direction and at any angle. The thing that look like robots you see hanging down are part of the de-icing system responsible for blowing warm air through the plenum airspace between the back of the reflector and the fiberglass backing panels. The weird silver building in the back is the unrelated, but still pretty kickass Robert H. Mollohan Research Center.
As soon as I learn more I'll write more, but unfortunately I don't know much about radar.

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